THIS Sunday, Oct. 25th at 8:00 pm (ET)
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A Q&A with the playwright (yours truly), director, actors and audience will follow led by Van Dirk Fisher, the director & founder of the Riant Theatre.  

The Cast includes:  CURTIS JACKSON as Onaje William Claggett, HELEN SANDERS as Sarah Claggett, C.E. SMITH as Dan Claggett, AUSTIN SKY PARKER as Richard Middleman Jr., SHEILA-JOON AZIM as Belle O’Brien, TAIT RUPPERT as Richard Middleman Sr., PETER MENDES as Henderson and DEXTER FARREN HAAG as Andrew.

Even if you can’t attend, I'm excited to share with you the humorous ups and downs of this journey — from a 71-year-old man who is determined to build a magnificent career as a professional playwright!  (You can also follow along on my blog at or on Facebook.)


Racism. Violence. Voter Registration. These omnipresent themes are front and center in our national conscience and conversation on the precipice of a presidential election that many feel may seal the fate of our country. THE GRACE OF GOD & THE MAN MACHINE, an intricately plotted thriller, explores the consequences of racism on two individuals and their families.
Set in Eastern Maryland in the 1960s and 1987, two sons, one white one black, meet by chance on the road. They don’t know it, but their families shared a life-altering connection years before. Now, their fate and their families’ futures may depend upon the choices they will be forced to make.
THE GRACE OF GOD & THE MAN MACHINE allows the audience to ponder: Is the die forever cast by a one-time choice we make? 
An O’Neill Theater Center semi-finalist, Onaje appeared at the 2018 Fringe Festival to rave reviews and sold out audiences. Theatre Is Easy gave Onajeits Best Bet designation and described its “high stakes story” as “the most dramatic, fleshed out near-cinematic play I have seen.” Onstage Blog said Onaje “brilliantly brings a sense of warmth,” and Blog Critic described the play as embodying “exquisite conceptualizations and themes.”
“Having run this Zoom Play Reading Series since the pandemic began, I’ve developed directorial and visual techniques that makes our Zoom productions visually, emotionally and viscerally stimulating — something not always associated with the play reading format,” Van Dirk Fisher said. “Audiences also love the interactive and spirited Q&A that follows.”
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