Club officers

Harvard Club of Maryland board and officers. We are always looking for board members and leaders, so please reach out if interested.


     Karen Elizabeth Boyle, AB '94


     Gary Mitchell, AB '89  

     Isabel Beerman, AB '00 


     Angelina Jao

Chair/Vice President of Young Alumni Engagement: 

     Olive Tang, AB '15

     Sadiya Muqueeth 

     Minnie Jang, AB '18

     Kevin Jain

Chair/Vice President of Community Service: 

     Tyrell Dixon, AB '13

     AJ Protin, AB '17

     Waverly He, AB '18

     Olive Tang, AB '15

Chair/Vice President of School and Scholarships: 

     John Bond, AB '98

     Roz Thomsen, AB '80

     Waverly He, AB '18

     Bert Jun

Board of Directors/Members At Large

     Roz Thomsen, AB '80

     Christina Long, M.Arch, 1999 

     Reggie Robinson, EdM '96, CAS '03

     Aaron Poynton, AMP '95

     Katie Barry