Welcome to Your City (WTYC) Event for Washington, DC

Register now to see who's planning on attending, and link your social profiles to create a living directory.

By the way, all 2015 Harvard graduates are eligible for a free membership in the Harvard Club of Washington, D.C., during the first year after commencement, and 2011-2014 graduates of Harvard College are eligible for half-price memberships this year. You can sign up now on our Club's site at http://www.harvard-dc.org./.

Also, the Recent Grads Co-Chairs of the Harvard Club, Karen Biala and Courtney Dagher, manage a listserv through which members of the community can receive and post updates on upcoming events, job opportunities, apartments to rent or sublet, household items for sale, and other matters of interest to recent grads. To subscribe to the listserv, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/harvard-dc-recent and click "Join Group" or send an email to harvard-dc-recent-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.   Whether you submit a membership request through the link or via email, please include your full name and Harvard affiliation.

For any questions about the Welcome to Your City (WTYC) Event for Washington, DC, contact Karen Biala SM ’13Courtney Dagher '13Michelle Dimino '14Leah Goldman '15Elisabeth Dewailly '15, or Bridget Scanlon ’15.